Welcome to the Operative Martinist Order's website

The Operative Martinist Order, of synarchic constitution, is a co-educational initiatic college dedicated to high studies and to the practice of traditional sciences. Our temple works in the spirit of the most ancient tradition in order to perpetuate the teachings and the initiatic discipline that will allow its initiates to acquire the Keys of Knowledge and to consciously work toward the act of Universal Reconciliation.

The Operative Martinist Order is constituted of teaching Lodges and of an Inner Sanctuary.It also includes a preparatory degree, called Chamber of Instruction.

The teaching Lodges deliver the first four degrees of the Order, which are: Apprentice, Initiate, Master and Unknown Superior.They transmit structured teachings and teach the initiatic discipline: respect of the sacred, respect of one’s commitments, and of the fraternity.

The Inner Sanctuary delivers all four superior degrees of the Order: Designated Unknown Superior S*I* 1, Master Unknown Superior S*I* 2, Unknown Philosopher S*I* 3, Unknown Philosopher Free Initiator S*I* 4.

The sanctuary is presently composed of three perfectment Lodges transmitting teachings and specific initiations: The alchemic Lodge, the theurgic Lodge, where are received the Elect Coën degrees and the thaumaturgic Lodge devoted to healing.

Unfortunately, there is no english lodge available for the moment.