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Martinist Masonic Pantacle

Exclusive Pantacle. This Pantacle highlights the origins of Martinism , and is designed so that Martinist Masons could work as close as possible to the Tradition, and get the most beautiful resonance in the invisible. 
It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful pantacle designed for Theurgy. A unique piece.


Price : 32,99$ + 16$ shipping

Pantacle 4in on wall support

Superb 4in gold-plated pantacle, fixed on a stained and varnished wooden support. The support is provided with a chain so that it can be easily hung on a wall.

This pantacle is a perfect size for private oratories, to protect a place, or for all initiates who have to travel.
It is possible to use it as an altar pantacle for the Great Ritual of the Full Moon.

The Martinist pantacle naturally attracts the higher positive influences, and will emanate its positive influences in any place where it is fixed.

*** this edition on wall mount is in very limited quantity ***

Price : 49,99$ + 16$ shipping

4in gold plated Pentacle

Diameter 4 inches (10 cm) Exclusive model available only from our site, limited edition. For private oratory or for protection of a place. Available in Gold-plated pewter, in 1/8 inch thick.

Price: 49,99$CAD + 16$ shipping

Martinist Pentacle of High Protection

Here we offer you, the most beautifully crafted Martinist Pentacle ever designed and crafted to this day. A Sacred Pentacle and Talisman all-in-one, it represents the manifestation of the Great Architect of the Universe. This Pentacle ensures a real protection anywhere it is displayed. Made in gold-plated pure pewter and measures 3 inches in diameter (7.62 cm) and 1/8 inches thick. Limited edition.

Price : 49,99$ CAD + 16$ shipping

Martinist Pentacle unpainted

Collector’s item, limited edition. Made in high-quality resin. Unpainted.

Available in 8, 12 or 18 inches in diameter.

8in Pentacle : 59,99$ CAD + 12$ shipping
12in Pentacle : 109,99$ CAD + 12$ shipping to CAN-USA
12in Pentacle : 109,99$ CAD + 29$ shipping to International
18in Pentacle : 139,99$ CAD + 25$ shipping to CAN-USA
18in Pentacle : 139,99$ CAD + 95$ shipping to International

Martinist Pentacle unpainted with full letters banner

Certainly the most beautiful pentacle made by us, with the full banner around. Truly a collector’s item, that every Martinist should have in their Temple, limited edition. Made in high-quality resin.

Available in 12 inches in diameter.

12in Pentacle : 139,99$ CAD + 20$ shipping to CAN-USA
12in Pentacle : 139,99$ CAD + 50$ shipping to International