Our exclusive medallions to embed

Dear clients and initiates, Magicians and Theurgists, we are pleased to present our unique collection of jewellery medallions to embed.

Since the very first forms of magical or theurgic rituals, inscriptions and engravings on ritual itemsare used to emphasize their symbolism, to consacrate them, or emphasize their vibratory radiation and their magical influence. We just need to open the old grimoires assigned to the Great Priest and King Solomon, the ancient greek and egyptian papyrus, or even the medieval and recent books of magick and witchcraft to get the evidence of the great use of mystical symbols that were engraved on cult items. In many traditions, sacred signs, named sigils, are used in this same goal to consacrate ritual items in order to emphasize their magical and symbolic influence. 

Our medallions to embed were designed and tested by our initiates in the same way, to offer you a high effective product to crown your ceremonial and cult paraphernalia. Embedded in a candle, on a candle holder, on a magical wand, a ceremonial sword, on some druidic magical items, on a walking wand, on a statue, a case, small box or on a collection box, or on any cult or magical item, these medallions gives you a freedom to customize your paraphernalia, emphasize their symbolism, to confer them a magical and sacred aspect, to emphasize their vibratory radiation, and therefore, to give them a real influence during your ritual and ceremonies.

What is more essential, timeless, symbolic and magic in a ritual than a candle, particularly when it is composed of a certain percentage of bee wax. Crowned with one of our medallion, the candle wears its maximum of symbolism and effectiveness when used. It will offer to the magician of theurgist, once lit, a significative and particular radiation, according to the medallion chosen. Its effectiveness is remarquable in meditation, in prayer, to consacrate a place, for protection, or for healing. Designed for a maximum efficiency, your imagination is the only limit for the many possibilities of these magical medallions.

Please note that all of our medallions comes with a metal rod to embed.

Martinist medallion

Jewellery medallion designed for Martinist rituals.

Price : 12,99$ + 12$ shipping

Masonic medallion

An exclusive medallion to embed for Free-Masons

Price : 12,99$ + 12$ shipping

Alchemical medallion

The winged dragon is a very old symbol and is often used in Alchemy. It represents the Mercure, the spiritual fire sealed in the Matter on which is working the Alchemist. It is often represented as biting its own tail, forming the Ouroboros.

Price : 12,99$ + 12$ shipping

Martinist masonic medallion

Jewellery medallion designed for Masons Martinists.

Price : 12,99 $ + 12$ shipping

Tétragrammaton medallion

Jewellery medallion assigned to the Priest and King Solomon. The Tetragrammaton is a symbol of high protection. It has a special place in evocations rituals and submission of inferior spirits.

Price : 12,99$ + 12$ shipping

Knight Templar medallion

Jewellery medallion designed fo Knights Templars.

Price : 12,99$ + 12$ shipping

Initiatic Rose medallion

Jewellery medallion representing the self-accomplishment of the initiate, or of the one following its own personnal improvement. The blooming rose, like of the Rose-Croix Knights, is the symbol of the ideal self improvement. The development of the rose has always been an analogy to the spiritual development. A powerful symbol to use during your ritual or your personnal meditations. 

Price : 12,99$ + 12$ shipping

Ieshouah medallion

Jewellery medallion representing the Soverain Architect of the Universe. The 5 hebrew letters are used in many kabbalistic rituals, and represents the Quintessence of visible and invisible things. It is a powerful symbol for high theurgic rituals and ceremonies. Essential for every Martinists

Price : 12,99$ + 12$ shipping

Elus-Coen Knights medallion

Jewellery medallion designed for the Knights-Priests Élus-Coens of the Universe. Embedded on a candle, this medallion increases significantly the impact of Élus-Coens rituals. For rituals that needs more than one candle, you have to use as many medallion as candles to get the maximum benefits. 

Price : 12,99$ + 12$ shipping

Medallion of the Unknown Superior

Jewelery medallion representing the Unknown Superior, or the Unknown Superior principle.

Price : 12,99$ + 12$ shipping

Medallion of the Unknown Philosopher

Jewellery medallion representing the Unknown Philosopher. 

Price : 12,99$ + 12$ shipping

Medallion of the Alliance

Jewellery medallion representing the alliance between Man and divines forces. Very effective in invocation or evocation rituals of Angels or Archangels.

Price : 12,99$ + 12$ shipping

St Michael medallion

Jewellery medallion St Michael, symbol of high protection.

Price : 12,99$ + 12$ shipping

Louis-Claude de St Martin medallion

Jewellery medallion representing the well-known Unknown Philosopher, Louis-Calude de St Martin.

Price : 12,99$ + 12$ shipping

Master Philippe of Lyon medallion

Jewellery medallion representing the well-known Thaumaturgist and miracle healer, Master Philippe of Lyon. Master Phillipe has become a living symbol in the Art of healing. This medallion is very effective in all healing prayers or rituals.

Price : 12,99$ + 12$ shipping

Set of 3 medallions

Set of 3 medallions to embed.

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Price : 33$ instead of 38,97$ + 12$ shipping

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Collection of all 15 medallions

Collection set of all the 15 medallions to embed.

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Price : 165$ instead of 194,85$ + 14$ shipping