Swords and daggers

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The Martinist Dagger

Exceptional quality ! Total length of 7 ½ inches (19.05cm), made in pewter with vintage brass finish. Width of 2 inches .

Can be used for most magical or theurgical operations. Most convenient for blessings, and to consecrate objects or places. Can also be used as a protection pentacle by fixing it on a wall. Ideal length for all Initiates who need to travel.

A wonderful gift for any Initiate.

Very limited edition.

Price : 32,99$ CAD + 12$ shipping

Ritual Martinist Dagger - St Martin model

Exclusive model, measuring the ideal length of 18 in. Unique item and very limited edition.

Price : 189,99$ CAD + 25$ shipping – CAN-USA
Price : 189,99$ CAD + 40$ shipping – International

St-Martin Martinist Pommel

Exclusive and limited edition

Price : 94,99$ + 20$ shipping

Black braided chord

For ritualistic sword or dagger. 10 meters in lenght

Price : 3,99$ CAD + 8$ shipping