Swords and daggers

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Martinist pommel – St Martin model

Measuring 4 ½ in. in height and 4 in. in width, made in brass.

On one side, we can see in the center the effigy of Louis-Claude de St-Martin and on both extremities of the hilt, the letters P. I. designating the Philosophe Inconnu.

On the opposite side, the usual motifs of the Supérieurs Inconnus.

This pommel weighing 230 gr.

Price : 94,99$ CAD + 20$ shipping

The Martinist Dagger

Exceptional quality ! Total length of 7 ½ inches (19.05cm), made in pewter with vintage brass finish. Width of 2 inches .

Can be used for most magical or theurgical operations. Most convenient for blessings, and to consecrate objects or places. Can also be used as a protection pentacle by fixing it on a wall. Ideal length for all Initiates who need to travel.

A wonderful gift for any Initiate.

Very limited edition.

Price : 32,99$ CAD + 12$ shipping

The Ditual Dagger

Exceptionnal conception ! This Ritual Dagger has a length of 8inches (20,32 cm), and a with of 2 1/2 inches. It is made in pewter, finition in antique brass. This Dagger is without a doubt the most beautiful and the most detailed of the ritual daggers designed for high magick and high theurgy. It is beautifuly decorated with initiatic martinist symbols and the effigy of St Martin, the famous Unknown Philosopher.

The care taken for the smallest details of this dagger makes it un true collectible item, a true jewellery, that can be also a sacred amulet for protection and attraction of positive influences, simply by fixing it on a wall for exemple. It is perfect to purify, bless, and consacrate items of places.

This lenght is perfect for initiates that has to travel.

Price : 36,99$CAD + 12$ shipping

Martinist Dagger - St Martin Model

Exclusive model, measuring the ideal length of 18 in.

Unique item and very limited edition.

Price : 169$ CAD + 20$ shipping
épée martiniste magie rituel papus theurgie

Martinist sword - St Martin model

Exclusive model, with a lenght of 24 in. (60cm.) High quality stainless steal blade See the pommel description for more details Unique article, very limited edition Additionnal shipping fees applies for more than one sword (contact us for shipping price)

Price : 194$ CAD + 25$ shipping to CAN-USA
Price : 194,99$ CAD + 40$ shipping to International

Black braided chord

For ritualistic sword or dagger. 10 meters in lenght

Price : 3,99$ CAD + 8$ shipping