Lodge’s paraphernalia and accessories

Please notice that additional shipping fees can apply according to the number of item ordered. 

Martinist Ring

Martinist ring of incredible quality, made in 10k massive gold, and weights between 20g and 23g. 
This magnificent jewelry, decorated with the sacred Martinist pantacle, perfectly designed, representing the Soverain Architect of the Universe, releases a truly exceptional vibrational radiation. The harmony created between the ring and its owner works like a true talisman, and assures a true protection.

To acquire this exceptional jewelry, please send us an e-mail with the size desired. After, it will take 6 to 8 weeks for the fabrication and the shipping. Each ring is unique and made to measure. Each sale is final.

Price : 1600$ CAD


Highly symbolic and magic, the cordelier is known and used since the human being has been awaken to the divine. We can assure without any doubt that its functions are primordial in the great majority of magical rites, theury, or simply for prayer and meditation. One of its main function is to filter the emotional energy coming from the chakra. Our cordeliers are 8ft. 6in. (2.5m)of lenght and 10 to 12 mm.of diameter. Designed and made by Initiates, braided by hand, and composed of quality wool. Its x-crossed design assures a maximum efficiency to its owner. Indeed, it is not recommended to use braided cordeliers sold in store for curtains purposes, as they don't have the same efficiency because of tis material and their purpose. According to the quantity desired, there can be a delay in the shipping. You will be advised if it's the case.

Price : 18,99$ + 12$ shipping

Initiatic snuffer

Wonderful snuffer for Temple or private Sanctuary. Item of high fabrication, solid and decorated. The rose, highly esoteric symbol, represents the inner path of the initiate, until its blooming.
4in. ¼  length and 2in ¼ heigth, designed to receive our medallions to embed, for collection, to offer as a gift, for a special ritual or ceremony, or just to have a unique and customized ritual item for your personnal practice. 
Please view our medallions to embed section to make your choice.

Price : 14,99$ + 14$ shipping

Martinist gavel

Symbol of mastery and authority.

We offer you this quality product. This gavel made of true walnut wood, is inlaid with a gold-plated pure pewter Martinist medallion measuring ¾ of an inch in diameter (1.96 cm). This gavel has a total length of 10 inches (25.40 cm).

This item is recommended to any Unknown Superior, Heptad and Lodge Master, or Initiates practicing specific magic or theurgic rites.

Price : 69,99$ CAD + 12$ shipping

Martinist Pantacle for High Theurgy rituals and prayers

Magnificient high quality pantacle of 4in (10,16cm) diameter and of 1/8in (0,3cm) thickness, made in pure pewter plated Gold.

This item comes with a fixed central socket that is designed to fit a standard candle of 3/4in (1,8cm) diameter.

The hebrew letters representing the Sovereign Architect of the Universe are engraved above the pantacle, amplifying its resonance and its magical and protective action. 

Designed especially for a very active use inside a Temple, a Grand Lodge or a privateSanctuary, its measures, its elegancy and its high vibratory quality makes it able to be used in any circumstances, as for neuvaines, for prayers on important occasions, to support our close ones, or for usuals personal prayers or meditations.

This sacred item, easy to use and to travel with, can replace easily, as a vibratory and magical efficiency point of vue, any operational cloth. For the active initiate, it becomes an accessory highly theurgic and essential, regarding to its everyday utility and its vibratory power.

It is also convenient for the protection of a house or a place, or to use during full moon rituals instead of the operational cloth. 

This sacred item, essential to all initiates, made in pure pewter and gold plated, weights 140gr., and is offered to you at a very exceptional price.

Price : 89,99$ CAD + 16$ shipping

Operational Cloth

Essential accessory for any Martinist. Made in high-quality red satin fabric, square-shaped. In the center, the Traditionnal Pentacle beautifully embroidered, necessitated 40,000 needle points of embroidery and is 7 and 1/2 inches in diameter, measuring very close to 0m,21 in diameter. For a limited time, we offer you this beautiful Operational Cloth at an exceptional price.

Price : 89,99$ CAD + 14$ shipping

Operational Cloth – Gold Pentacle

Beautifully embroidered on quality red cotton fabric. Square-shaped and in the center, the Traditional Pentacle in gold. Necessitated 40,000 embroidery points. 8 inches in diameter. This product can also be used as a banner for private oratory. Very limited edition.

Price : 99,99$ CAD + 14$ shipping

St Michael

Protective Archangel of all Martinists and Alchemists.

This magnificent pewter-crafted figurine measures 5 inches in height (12.70 centimetres). Represents Saint-Michael striking down evil. A wonderful item for your private collection or to be offered as a gift.

Regular price : 42,99$ CAD + 14$ shipping